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Version 0.8.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

Q1: Why is my screen flashing red and blue?[edit]

This is usually related to hardware acceleration/WebGL. Try the following troubleshooting steps:

If none of these work, try joining the Discord for more detailed support.

Q2: What/where is the Shared Stash?[edit]

The Shared Stash is a container that shares its contents with all characters on an account. You can find Shared Stashes at the Hermit and Vikar's houses. Once you are standing next to the stash, press U to access it.

To deposit an item, right click the item in your inventory and choose stash. To withdraw an item, right click the item in the stash and choose withdraw.

Q3: How do I show items in the chat?[edit]

Hold control or command and left-click on an item in your inventory.

Q4: How do I open card sets?[edit]

Full sets of cards can be exchanged with the Shady Dealer in the Sewers in Fjolgard.

Q5: How do I fish?[edit]

Fishing rods can be obtained from the Hermit or Angler Nayla. You can fish by finding a section of water with bubbles and pressing G. Full information on fishing can be found here.

Q6: How do I do more damage?[edit]

If you are an owl using a Wand or Gnarled Staff you increase damage with Intellect. If you are a bear using a Sword or Axe you increase damage with Strength. If you are a lynx using a Dagger or Spear you increase damage with Dexterity.

Information for other items like sickles, Steelclaw's Bite, and Putrid Shank can be found on their own pages or on the weapons page.

Q7: How do I do more damage with runes?[edit]

See Category:Runes.

Q8: What is "level requirement reduction"?[edit]

This stat reduces the level you need to be to equip an item. If an item says level 10 and has 3 level requirement reduction, the rest of the item is really level 13 but the required level to use it is 10 (not 7).

Q9: Why are some monsters strong and glowing?[edit]

Rare (sometimes called elite) monsters usually have a 2% chance of spawning instead of the normal monster. Not all monsters have rare variants. Rare monsters have better stats and can spawn with spells.

Q10: How do I find better items?[edit]

There are two stats that boost loot drops: item quality (previously called magic find) and item quantity. As their names suggest, one increases the chance of finding items while the other one improves the quality.

When looking for good items, you should build item quality and item quantity. However, item quantity is capped at 200 and item quality is only effective until 286, so don't over-build unless the caps are changed.

Some bosses also have a guaranteed chance of dropping certain quality item. For example, Radulos always drops at least 5 magic items. Killing M'ogresh guarantees two magic items. Rare mobs are also guaranteed to drop 1 magic item.

Q11: How do I make better items?[edit]

See Crafting.

Q12: What are prophecies? Which do I have?[edit]

Prophecies are per-character modifiers like permadeath, PvP, taking more damage, and so on. Prophecies can't be changed after character creation, but automated leagues will eventually be added where everyone has the same prophecies.

Full information can be found here.

You can see your own prophecies on the leaderboard (gif).

Q13: How can I help Isleward?[edit]

Simple ways to help Isleward are coming up with ideas, discussing things in Discord, and testing the game on the Public Test Realm. You can also help by reporting bugs, contributing code, making mods and addons, editing the wiki, or making sprites.

More info can be found here.

Q14: What are the roles on Discord?[edit]

Admiral: Main developers/maintainers of Isleward.

Captain: Very important contributors in the development of Isleward.

Quartermaster: $10+ Patrons and moderators.

Cannoneer: $1+ Patrons, PayPal donors, and donors.

Deckhand: Members who have made significant contributions to Isleward.

Stowaway: Active and helpful members of the Discord.

Community Manager: Vildravn only, right hand of Waf for community communications.

Moderator: Trusted and chosen players who moderate Discord and in-game chat.

Patron: Patreon donors. PM Big Bad Waffle#6920 to confirm your pledge and rewards.

Premium Patron: High-tier Patreon donors. PM Big Bad Waffle#6920 to confirm your pledge and rewards.

Max Level: Players with at least one level 20 character. PM Big Bad Waffle#6920 to receive it. Deprecated

Streamsquad: This role is pinged whenever Waf is live. Ask in Discord to receive it.

Aside from Streamsquad and Max Level, don't ask for roles. Stowaway/deckhand are only given for your activity, kindness, and helpfulness (questions/discussions, art, wiki, code) towards the community. The rest of the roles have specific criteria listed above and you will know if/when you have earned them.