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Isleward Wiki Community Portal

This is the Isleward Wiki Community Portal. You can discuss the wiki, list pages that need work/assistance, etc. here

When using this sandbox please follow these simple rules:

  • Please do not delete each other.
  • Please leave this notice and the comments at the beginning of this page intact.
  • This page must not be moved.
  • Do not add categories to this page, this includes categories added by templates like deletion templates etc..

Happy editing!

Community Portal[edit]

Welcome to Isleward Wiki. This page documents recommended practices to edit the wiki as well as tasks that need to be done.

Editing the Wiki[edit]

To make changes to the wiki, you must request a wiki account. Please contact moderators on the #wiki channel on Discord about details to create an account.

Note that your wiki account is not related to your in-game account in any ways.

See MediaWiki Formatting Help for the syntax used by Isleward Wiki.


Player Guides
The wiki should provide facts about Isleward that are verifiable by others. Guides based on player experience should be marked with {{{OB}}} (opinion-based) so they are distinguished from other information. Guides that are specific to an article (e.g. how to defeat a boss) should have its own section in the page, while guides that are pages on their own should be in Category:Guides.
Game Version
Each page should be tagged with the predefined template {{Version 0.1.10}} (for v0.1.10), {{Version 0.1.9}} (for v0.1.9), etc to indicate the game version the content refers to. This makes it clear for readers to know if they are reading up-to-date information. The version template should go below the header of the page and before the main content starts. For contents with undetermined version, use {{Version Unknown}}, and use {{Unreleased}} for unreleased contents.

NOTE: I am in the process of moving the templates from VersionXYZ to Version X.Y.Z --Punknoodles (talk) 02:31, 25 March 2019 (UTC)

All have been moved/redirected. --Punknoodles (talk) 15:23, 25 March 2019 (UTC)
Stubs and Work-in-progress
Add the template {{stub}} at the end of a page if it only contains a few sentences and needs to be expanded. Use {{wip}} if the page is actively being worked on, meaning you are going to finish it soon. If you are no longer working on a page but it is incomplete, mark it with stub instead.
Article Structure
If possible, adhere to the following structure for a page on the wiki (notice that the version and infobox templates are above the page title):
{{Item/Monster Templates}}
= Title =
{{Blockquote|In-game description}}
A brief description of the subject.

== Subsection 1 ==
The detailed description on a particular aspect of the subject.

== Subsection 2 ==

== Subsection N ==

== Guides ==
Add how-to, tutorials, tips and tricks here.

== History ==
A list of changes to the subject in previous game revisions.

== See Also ==
Links to related articles.

{{stub}} or {{wip}}
Add pages to appropriate categories whenever applicable. Category names should be plural, and a redirect should be made from the non-categorized page, e.g. ConsumableCategory:Consumables. The category page itself should be added to Category:Compendium.
Sprites should have transparent backgrounds, and preferably extracted from game assets rather than taken from screenshots.
Use [[File:Missing.png]] as placeholders for missing images.

Formatting & Styling[edit]

  • Insert spaces between the header title text: use = This = rather than =That=.
  • Tables should use class="wikitable". Insert spaces around cell contents so it is easier to read.
  • Use proper punctuation.
  • When referencing keys or in-game text, wrap it with <code></code>. For example: press I to open the inventory; then right click on an item and select drop.
  • Abbreviations should be fully spelled out in the first occurrence in an article with a link to the subject.
  • Use {{issue|number}} to create links to Isleward's GitLab issue.


This wiki has two extensions.


Templates that need documentation: item, rune

{{collapse|content|channel}} will create a [Toggle] button that, when clicked, hides or reveals the content of the collapsible section. content is the wiki content that should appear after clicking [Toggle], and channel is an ID of sorts (for example, 1, 2, or 3) that toggle together (if multiple toggles are on the same channel, they will collapse and reveal together).

{{monster}} will create a preformatted table (for example, the monster info table in the Crab page) with data on the monster. It uses named parameters to get the needed data. The parameters are monstername, filename, level, attack, mana, armor, drops, and location. If you put the monster tag at the beginning of the page it will also automatically make a header with the monster's name. All the fields are basically just text that gets copied into the table, but the only different one is the filename, defaulting to missing.png, that is displayed in the table with the proper image.

{{Marked For Deletion}} Mark a page for deletion.

{{ReqBlockUserSpam}} Deprecated, use Marked For Deletion. Old: Use for users that need to be blocked because of spam. Can also use Marked For Deletion

{{PTNTBD}} Deprecated, use Marked For Deletion instead. Historic: "Pages That Need To Be Deleted"

Note: Following version templates are being converted, see Isleward_Wiki:Community_Portal#Guidelines --Punknoodles (talk) 02:31, 25 March 2019 (UTC)

{{Version 0.3.1}} Should be used for pages that are up to date as of Version 0.3.1. Can change version numbers to (most) historic versions for an outdated tag.

{{Unreleased}} This template should be used for unimplemented or unreleased content.

{{BadImage}} Used for images that are not taken directly from the game source (screenshots are bad, cut images from spritesheets instead).

Task Queues[edit]

Choose one and work on the pages in the category.

Helpful Links[edit]