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There are many ways to help Isleward in addition to playing the game. Some ideas are and links are listed here.


Join the Discord or Guilded community and chat with us! There are dedicated channels for Isleward-related and other miscellaneous topics.

Reporting Issues[edit]

Since Isleward is still in development, bugs may come up. Testing pre-releases on PTR and new releases in general for issues is helpful. If you find an issue, reporting it on GitLab or using the in-game report option is the best way to get it seen and fixed.

Art & Lore[edit]

Art and ideas help develop the world and community of Isleward. This online tool has the Isleward color palette built in, and a palette image is available here.

Updating the Wiki[edit]

With every update, new content needs to be documented in the wiki. Other pages need to be updated and fixed too. For more information, check out the page Isleward Wiki:Community Portal.

Code Contributions[edit]

For code contributions, visit the GitLab repository. Read the Contributing guide first. There's an issue tag for good first issues. There's also Isleward code/development channels on Discord and Guilded for discussion.


It's possible to develop mods and customize your own Isleward server installation and create content using the core Isleward server. See Modding.