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Radulos is the boss monster of the Crystal Caves in Fjolarok. Radulos can be found in the area behind the wall deep in the caves, and is extremely difficult to defeat. Radulos can cast Magic Missile and emit large amount of gas around him. The gas clouds are red-colored and deal large amounts of damage covering a large area. Radulos can also summons Slimy Offspring, which are consumed by Radulos to heal.

Radulos always drops at least 5 Items of magic quality or better. Thus quality doesn't affect him.

Radulos Strategy[edit]

Player Opinion: This article contains advice from other players which may be subjective or incorrect. Consult this guide with caution.

The main strategy is to deal the maximum damage you can before dying.

Try to avoid red gas if one spawns on your character. Like Snail or Whelk gas, it does massive amounts of arcane damage and can easily kill a careless player.

The healers job is to support using Rune of Tranquility and by constantly spam 1 or 2 Consecrate runes around Radulos to heal melee fighters and the sweeper when they get injured by Radulos or his smoke.

Good Health/Health regeneration, aura buffs, and making sure you have a good healer, will help you stay alive in this fight. harvest life, and Cowl of Obscurity are useful too.

Radulos will regularly summon Slimy Offspring during the fight. Try to Kill these as fast at possible, as if one touches Radulos, he will eat the Slimy Offspring and get a huge heal (~40000 hp).

The sweepers job is to prevent Slimy Offspring from reaching Radulos. Generally bears or lynxes take this role using charge because of its faster cast time, and longer stun then Ambush. Occasionally owls are seen using Smite or Ice Spear.


  • Radulos respawns every 1714 ticks (10 minutes).
  • Try to be out of his smoke spawn range before he respawns, as like Snails and Whelks he is passive until his smoke hits you.