Rune of Consecrate

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Version Unknown: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Mana Cost: 8
Cooldown: 5 ticks
Cast time: 5 ticks
Stats: Intellect
Element: Holy


Description: Creates a circle of pure holy energy that heals allies for a brief period.

The rune of Consecrate creates a particle effect that heals players at the current mouse location.

The amount of hp regenerated scale with user's Intellect and you can cast it at a range of 9.

Consecrate has 2 stats:

  • Healing [0.3 - 0.5]
  • Duration [7 - 13]


  • Consecrate is the best healing source in the game when used by a Intellect based user, and is also very powerful when paired with Steelclaw's Bite.