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Crystal Caves[edit]

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Named for the hundreds of mysterious crystals that addorn the subterranean tunnels, the Crystal Caves are home to Snails that, over time, have become magically through the ingestion of the crystals around them. Deep within the cave, an envoi of the Akarei have taken an interest in the denizens of the deep.

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The Crystal Caves is a static dungeon located in the northwest corner of Fjolarok.

Version 0.8.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

It contains level 14 snails and level 16 whelks that may drop Digested Crystals, and the level 18 boss Radulos, called Rad by most players, hides behind a wall in the dungeon, which needs to be unlocked by entering a combination code.

Spoiler Door 
To open the door you need to walk on all the 4 red "buttons" in a specific order.
  • First : Top Right
  • Second : Bottom Left
  • Third : Bottom Right
  • Forth : Top Left
    • The "button" inside Radulos area open the door too.

The Akarei can be found throughout the dungeon, and deep you can find their leader Thaumaturge Yala near the exit and a portal to get back to the entrance.

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