The Akarei

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The Akarei[edit]

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Not much is known about the Akarei. Dwelling deep underground in the Crystal Caves of Fjolarok, they have taken an interest in the local fauna.

— In-game description

Akarei Portal.png
The Akarei Portal

The Akarei are a group of NPCs who can be found in the Crystal Caves. It is also a faction with the same name.

Version 0.9.0: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Akarei equipment have a chance to cast lightning bolts when you critically hit an enemy. Akarei necklaces can be purchased from Thaumaturge Yala with gold at honored reputation with the Akarei.

Gaining Reputation[edit]

Players can improve their reputation with the Akarei by collecting Digested Crystals from Crystal Snails and Crystal Whelks and giving them to Thaumaturge Yala deep within the Crystal Caves.

Each Digested Crystal given to Thaumaturge Yala will raise the player's reputation with the Akarei by 15. Everyone starts with 1000 reputation when meeting the Akarei, about 67 crystals of reputation.

Tier Reputation Digested Crystals to Unlock
Neutral 0 -
Friendly 1000 0
Honored 10000 600
Revered 25000 1600
Exalted 50000 3267

List of Akarei Members[edit]

Name Level Health
Akarei Scout 20 2410
Akarei Artificer 20 2890
Biorn 20 10080
Veleif 20 9960
Thaumaturge Yala 20 361000


The Akarei need digested crystals to power their portal to return their home city of Iskar, which they suspect may be under attack from a darkness that is consuming their defenses.

The Akarei were sent here by the Iskar council to find a new source of energy for their magic dome, "a bulwark of pure energy", to protect Iskar.

The crystals in the Crystal Caves are highly energized, but too unstable in their natural form to be useful.

The crystal snails that inhabit the cave process the crystals into a more stable form which can be used by the Akarei.

Thaumaturge Yala is the thirty-fourth in line to the throne of the Akarei.


  • Prior to v0.1.10, it was possible to attack and kill the Akarei members, and doing so makes you lose reputation with them.