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Once a great city, the town is now but a glimmer of its original splendour. Ruled by twin sisters, the townsfolk toil away daily in an effort to serve and rebuild.

Fjolgard is a town north of Fjolarok.

Several NPCs can be seen there running around the town going about their day, including Flabbers, Lael, Mack, Nea and Katrien.

See also the faction of the same name.

Version 0.9.0: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Places of Interest[edit]


  • Fjolgard Sewers: The entrance to the sewers is located in the eastern part of the city on the lower middle level, north of the Fjolgard Visitor's Center, and contains level 11-14 monsters.


Lower middle level[edit]

  • Fjolgard Visitor Centre: This building houses Vikar and two Shared Stashes where character can store their items.
  • Alrik's Stud Farm: Alrik raises purchasable Mounts on this farm.
  • The Golden Axe Inn: Fjolgard's only inn. The Cup Bearer can be seen serving drinks to the tables.
    • The Golden Axe Cellar: The cellar of the inn.
    • The Golden Axe Living Quarters: The living quarters house several inn rooms, all of them locked.
  • Estrid's Shop of Potions: The alchemist Estrid works here. You can also find an Alchemy Workbench in the shop.
    • Estrid's Herb Cellar: Estrid grows her herbs in this cellar under her shop.
    • Estrid's Quarters: Estrid's living quarters. Hilda, Estrid's mother, can be seen there in a locked room.
  • Luta's House of Grab: The house of Luta. Contains the Wardrobe where players can change skins.
  • Asvald's Rune Forge: The house of Asvald who you can buy basic Runes from. You can also find the Etching Station where you can craft Rune of Ambush and Rune of Whirlwind there.
  • Birgir's Enchanting Shop: Houses Birgir and the Enchanting Shrine that lets players craft with their equipment and use idols.

Higher middle level[edit]

Top level[edit]

  • Fjolgard Castle: The castle of the royal family. Princess Silfur and Princess Refur can be seen sitting in the castle's throne room. The castle also features a large dining hall in the east wing and a kitchen in the west wing.
    • Fjolgard Castle Kitchen: The royal kitchen where Cook Raennog prepares meals for the princesses and their visitors.


  • Beach: Located in the southern portion of the city, on the lowest level. The beach is populated by Mud Crabs.
  • Middle Eastern Clearing: Located behind the Fjolgard Visitor Center, this area located in front of the Fjolgard Sewers entrance is populated with frogs.
  • Graveyard: Fjolgard's graveyard lies east directly next to Gaekatla's Sanctuary. During Soul's Moor, the Squash Patch enterence will be located in in the graveyard.
  • Training Dummy: Located next to the Dockmaster's Office on the higher middle level of the city. This dummy can tell how much DPS a player has when they attack it.
  • The Docks: A couple of ships can be seen anchoring in the docks between the Dockmaster's Office and The Drydock.


  • Before, players would lose reputation when killing Royal Guards, Princesses, and other citizens of Fjolgard.