Fjolgard Sewers

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Fjolgard Sewers[edit]

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Underneath the Town of Fjolgard, the sewers conceal many passages that formed part of the original design...some closed forever and some merely hidden. As of late, the townsfolk have become increasingly worried about the sounds from below...mutters and squeaks.

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The Fjolgard Sewers is a static dungeon located within the city of Fjolgard. The entrance to the dungeon is a sewer pipe that can be found in the middle level of the city, next to the frogs and north-east of Vikar's building.

The sewer is inhabited by Rats and Giant Rats, as well as Stinktooth, a boss located in the circular area. There is also a hidden area with Bandits and Bera the Blade.

Godly Promises drop from enemies in the sewers, and Stinktooth also drops the Fangs of Fury card. All enemies in the sewers can also drop Rusted Keys.

The sewer is often recommended for leveling from around level 10-16 because of the difficulty of the enemies and the quests which give large amounts of XP. Some characters continue to level in the Sewers if they aren't able to farm in the Crystal Caves.

Every multiple of 3 hours server time, the Plague of Rats event will occur in the Fjolgard Sewers

Version 0.10.5: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Bandit Hideout[edit]

The bandit hideout has a hidden entrance near the middle of the sewers. To the right of the first intersection in the sewers, there is a set of stairs leading down. Underneath the bridge covered in rubble, there is a tile that teleports characters to the bandit area.

There are a few houses with Bandits in them. They are aggressive enemies, and the Cutthroat is the elite spawn of the bandits. Inside the bottom house, Bera the Blade and 2 Dire Rats spawn. Bera and the Dire Rats are more difficult than normal rats and bandits but drop a unique Recipe for the Rune of Ambush.

Inside Bera's house, there is a locked door which can be opened with a Rusted Key. The key disintegrates when used to unlock the door. Inside the locked room are stairs leading back to Fjolgard.