Version 0.10.5

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Version 0.10.5[edit]

Released on October 17th, 2021. The original release notes are accessible on GitLab.


  • The construction materials view now scrolls when more items are added, instead of growing vertically
  • The Pumpkin Sailor's name is no longer all lowercase


  • Shadowcat particles have been fixed
  • Fixed various exploits


  • Implemented a potential fix for mobs being un-targetable upon entering The Crystal Caves (v0.10.5.1)
  • Implemented a hard 3 account cap. You will be prevented from logging in if there are 3 players from your connection already in game. (v0.10.5.2)
    • We recognize that some people have siblings or play at school. If you wish the cap to be increased for your connection, message us here or send an ingame report.
  • Implemented a potential fix for event vendors selling items despite the faction requirement. (v0.10.5.5)