Bandit Hideout

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Bandit Hideout[edit]

The Bandit Hideout is a subarea of the Fjolgard Sewers. It has a hidden entrance near the middle of the sewers. To the right of the first intersection in the sewers, there is a set of stairs leading down. Underneath the bridge covered in rubble, there is a tile that teleports characters to the bandit area.

There are a few houses with Bandits in them. They are aggressive enemies, and the Cutthroat is the elite spawn of the bandits. Inside the bottom house, Bera the Blade and 2 Dire Rats spawn. Bera and the Dire Rats are more difficult than normal rats and bandits but drop a unique Recipe for the Rune of Ambush.

Inside Bera's house, there is a locked door which can be opened with a Rusted Key. The key disintegrates when used to unlock the door. Inside the locked room are stairs leading back to Fjolgard.