Plague of Rats

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Plague of Rats[edit]

The Plague of Rats is a scheduled event. The Plague of Rats event occurs every multiple of 3 hours server time (3:00, 6:00, 9:00... UTC) in the Fjolgard Sewers.

When the Plague of Rats events begins, a Bandit Alchemist will spawn near the top right of the Fjolgard Sewers. The Bandit Alchemist will say a short speech then will disappear. Immediately after the Bandit Alchemist disappears, 16 Bloodthirsty Rats will slowly spawn and will begin moving quickly towards the Fjolgard Sewers exit.

To successfully complete the Plague of Rats, players must not let more than 6 of the 16 total Bloodthirsty Rats from reaching the Fjolgard Sewers exit.

  • In order to receive rewards your player must kill at least one Bloodthirsty Rat
  • Items rewarded to the player for completing the Plague of Rats will be sent to the player's Mailbox

Version 0.11.0: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


UNCONFIRMED: For each Bloodthirsty Rat a player kills, they will get 3 rolls from the following table:

Item Type Quality Level Chance
Iron Bar.png Iron Bar Crafting material Common 5x, 28.6%
Cloth Scrap.png Cloth Scrap Crafting material Common 5x, 28.6%
Leather Scrap.png Leather Scrap Crafting material Common 5x, 28.6%
Muddy Runestone.png Muddy Runestone Crafting material Common 1x, 2.9%
Epic Essence.png Epic Essence Crafting material Epic 1x, 2.9%
Rat Claw.png Rat Claw Crafting material Common 1x, 8.6%


  • The Plague of Rats event is commonly known as an easy way to obtain Epic Essence.