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Although her temple is now in ruins, Gaekatla is still revered as the goddess of fertility, nature, and life and has a small but dedicated following in Fjolgard.

— In-game description

Gaekatla is a goddess in the world of Isleward, as well as a faction with the same name.

Version Unknown: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Reputation sources[edit]

  • M'ogresh (120 rep)
  • Kills in Estuary (15 rep)
  • Kills in Temple of Gaekatla (15 rep)


Ingar, the Gaekatlan priest in Fjolgard, sells random items that have the unique Gaekatla faction effect for gold. This effect summons a critter to assist players in battle upon killing an enemy. The summon is a bunny named Squiggle.

The priest also sells the Gaekatlan Druid Skin and the Cowl of Obscurity, although these require 1000 gold and exalted status with Gaekatla.