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Version Unknown: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Level: 20
Health: 10000
Mana: 29
Location: Fjolgard
Faction: /


“peace be with you”

-- The Gaekalta Priest

Ingar, the Gaekatla Priest, is a NPC that sells special equipment affiliated with the Gaekatla faction. He can be found in Gaekatla's Sanctuary in Fjolgard.


Item Type Rarity Level Reputation Cost
Gaekatlan Druid.png Gaekatlan Druid Skin Common - Gaekatla: Exalted 1000 gold
Cowl of Obscurity.png Cowl of Obscurity Silk Cowl Legendary - Gaekatla: Exalted 1000 gold

In addition to the listed items, Ingar sells random items with the Gaekatla faction effect. This effect has a chance on kill to summon a critter called a Squiggle to assist the player in battle. These items require Gaekatla: Honored to purchase or equip.