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Version 0.8.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Mounts are a fast transportation method. Mounts come as an item that the player can acquire which can be activated from the inventory or be quickslotted and activated with a hotkey.
When activated, the player mounts and transforms into their mount, increasing their sprint chance.

Entering combat dismounts the player and prevents them from mounting again until they are no longer being attacked.
Gathering herbs or items or Fishing will dismount the player, but walking over drops will collect them as usual, without the dismount.
There is a cooldown on mounts of 85 ticks (30 seconds) that activates when a player mounts. You can still dismount in this time, but cannot remount until the cooldown is done.

List of Mounts[edit]

Gray Donkey Reins.png Gray Donkey.png
Gray Donkey
Brown Horse Reins.png Brown Horse.png
Brown Horse

The two mounts currently obtainable can be purchased at Alrik's Stud Farm for Essence.

Gray Donkey[edit]

The Gray Donkey has a 100% sprint chance, making the player move 2 queued tiles every tick. This mount costs 30 common essence, 20 magic essence, and 10 rare essence.

Brown Horse[edit]

The Brown Horse has a 120% sprint chance, making the player move at least 2 tiles every tick with a 20% chance to move a third tile. This mount costs costs 30 magic essence, 20 rare essence, and 10 epic essence.

Mount Skins[edit]

Festival of the Sun Cosmetic.png Brown Camel.png
Brown Camel
Festival of the Sun Cosmetic.png Golden Camel.png
Golden Camel
SoulsMoorCosmetic.png Skeletal Horse.png
Skeletal Horse
SoulsMoorCosmetic.png SoulsMoorPatronMount.png
Merrywinter Cosmetic.png Rude Holf.png
Rude Holf

Mount skins are cosmetics which can be activated per-character from the Microtransactions menu within the main menu. These skins change the appearance of any mount but don't affect their speed.

Brown Camel[edit]

The Brown Camel skin can be purchased from Lara during the Festival of the Sun for 30 Solar Tears.

Golden Camel[edit]

The Golden Camel skin is part of the Festival of the Sun Supporter Pack, which also includes the Lunar Warrior, Lunar Assassin, and Lunar Mage skins as well as the Solar Blast Magic Missile and Lunar Dust Smokebomb spell effects. Patreon supporters also received a key for this supporter pack, but it can also be purchased directly.

Skeletal Horse[edit]

The Skeletal Horse skin can be purchased from The Pumpkin Sailor during Soul's Moor for 2000 Candy Corn with Revered reputation.


The Gloomsteed skin is given to patreon supporters during Soul's Moor. This skin has particle effects at its feet.

Rude Holf[edit]

The Rude Holf skin can be purchased from The Winter Man during Merrywinter for 15 Unique Snowflakes with Honored reputation.