Festival of the Sun

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Version Unknown: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Festival of the Sun[edit]

Sceibians in Fjolgard

"The hour of the Moon is nigh..."

"Meet Amina, the Priestess of the Sun"

"The Festival of the Sun is coming to Fjolgard...but not all is joy and merriment."

"Strange visitors are coming to Fjolarok, and bringing the Festival of the Sun with them. They are also asking for help. Enter the Pyramid of the Sun... defeat the Moonbound... and be generously rewarded."

The Festival of the Sun is a seasonal event first released with v0.8 on September 12, 2020. The event brings new NPCs to Fjolarok, a new randomly-generated dungeon (the Pyramid of the Sun), 8 unique items, and a new faction, the Sceibians. The currency for this event is Solar Tears, which are dropped from monsters and the boss fight in the Pyramid and are used to buy items and cosmetics from Lara, one of the Sceibians camped in Fjolgard.




4 cosmetics cost 30 Sun Tears from Lara.

One cosmetic can only be dropped from the Pyramid boss