Pyramid of the Sun

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Pyramid of the Sun[edit]

The Pyramid of the Sun is a randomly-generated dungeon which is part of the Festival of the Sun event. You enter the pyramid through a portal which is located northeast of the Hermit's Shack. The Pyramid of the Sun resets every hour.

Version Unknown: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.



Boss Room[edit]

Somewhere in the Pyramid there is a boss room. When someone enters, a door closes preventing them from leaving, but a teleport spot allows more players to enter the fight.

The first phase is a fight with Vizier Zunni, the purple boss. Zunni spawns with at least 500k health and has a unique attack that spawns purple spikes that later shatter and deal significant damage in a 3 by 3 area centered on the spike. In this phase, the boss disappears when it reaches 100k health.

The second phase is a fight with Moonpriest Sahira, the green boss. Sahira also has at least 500k health and shoots projectiles at everyone in the fight. In addition to this, Sahira will also occasionally summon restless mummies. These summoned mummies cannot spawn as Djinn. In this phase, the boss disappears when it reaches 100k health.

In the third phase, both bosses are fought at the same time, each with at least 500k health. Sahira stays in one spot for the whole fight, unless you there are no players within attack range, but Zunni will chase the player that they are aggroed on. Sahira also shoots a shiny, higher-damage projectile which players should try to avoid using the spikes since it's stronger than the normal projectiles. You can tell when one of these is going to be shot when Sahira says, "Moon's fury!" The shiny projectile can one-shot some players with low armor and health and is slower than the normal projectiles. Once either boss is dead, the high-damage projectile stops being cast which makes the fight easier, so players should focus on killing one boss at a time. Zunni's crystals can block Sahira's Moon's fury attack, which destroys the crystal, and should do so to avoid taking heavy damage. However, they should be careful of standing right next to the crystals since they eventually shatter and deal damage. Fortunately, the crystals can block Moon's fury as long as they are in between the player and Sahira, so the player does not need to stand right next to them. Once either boss is dead, Sahira will stop using the Moon's fury attack, which makes the fight significantly easier.

After all 3 phases are completed, a chest spawns in the boss room. This chest can have Solar Tears and other unique event items.