The Winter Man

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Version 0.8.4: This article is up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

The Winter Man
The Winter Man
Level: 20
Health: ?
Mana: ?
Location: Fjolarok
Faction: The Winter Man

The Winter Man[edit]

The Winter Man is an NPC and matching faction who appears in Fjolarok during the Merrywinter event. He can be found north of the hermit on the raised platform where bunnies usually spawn.

The Winter Man offers lore dialogue and also accepts 15 snowflakes for a random Merrywinter-related item. Unique Snowflakes can be randomly obtained this way and can be used to purchase Merrywinter cosmetics and the Enchanted Wreath.

Players can earn 40 reputation with The Winter Man by gathering Snowflake from Gifts on Fjolarok. Turning in snowflakes also gives 100 reputation.


Bearer of Gifts, Friend of the Downtrodden and the Watcher in the Snow.

A visitor, welcome!

Who are you?

I am the place where snow began, for I am the Winter Man.

What are you doing here?

I came in the night to bring the cold, have you not yet heard the story told?

Could you tell it to me?

On the shortest night each year, the Man of Winter lends an ear

To wishes mounted in quiet ire; injustices or things required

He'll send them gifts in the strangest places; fishing lines or fireplaces

For the Winter Man has come to give, to the poor and lonely and those who grieve

And when the snows have come to pass, the Winter Man only one thing asks

That should you sense someone desire, you'll assist as they require

Then when winter comes around again, keep an eye out for your icy friend

For he is the place where cold began at the start of time; the Winter Man