Version 0.8.4

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Version 0.8.4[edit]

Released on December 16th, 2020. The original release notes are accessible on the GitLab repository.


  • As the first snowflakes touch the shores of Fjolarok, a tingle can be heard throughout the land. Or was it the other way around? First the chime then the snow? Sources are unclear on this. But of one thing, everyone is certain: The Winter Man has returned. Visit him in his new home in central Fjolarok and rest a while. For while the other worlds have been plagued by uncertainty and grief, he comes to spread hope.


  • Items with level reduction will now calculate their worth based on the original level instead of the reduced one. (#1219)

Important Notes[edit]

  • The following Cosmetic items have been reworked and they will no longer be in your accounts:
    • Skin: Bearded Wizard
    • Skin: Bearded Druid
  • Should you have owned one or both of these skins, please contact Vildravn or Waf through the Discord server or send an E-Mail to admin[at]isleward[dot]com. Please include your username and info on which skins you have lost.