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Version 0.13.0: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Crafting modifies equipment using crafting materials. To craft, players need to interact with an Enchanting Shrine by pressing U while next to the shrine. An Enchanting Shrine can be found in Birgir's Enchanting Shop in Fjolgard.

6 crafting mechanisms are available in the Enchanting Shrine. To craft, select an action, select an item, and have the required materials in your inventory, then press Craft.

Runes can be crafted through runecrafting.

Crafting Mechanisms[edit]

There are 6 crafting mechanisms available.

Note: Some special items cannot be crafted in certain ways.


Adds a random stat to an item. Items can hold a maximum of three augments.

Augmentation uses Crafting Materials gathered from salvaging to add random stats to equipment. The type of material required depends on the type of the equipment, and higher quality items require more materials to augment. Armor and weapons typically use Iron Bars, Cloth Scraps, and Leather Scraps. Trinkets use Essences of the same quality as the item. Fishing rods use Cerulean Pearls.

An item can be augmented up to 3 times. The current number of augments is shown with green + signs in the item's tooltip. The material cost increases after each augment.

Level also matters while augmenting, as the maximum values for stats are higher at higher levels. For this reason, it's recommended to save materials and idols until max level to craft. Also, it's recommended to use Ascendant Idols to increase the level of items that you plan to augment.

The materials required for gear augmentation is Q * 15 * 2 ^ N, where Q is the quality (1 for Common, 2 for Magic, ..., 5 for Legendary), and N is the number of augmentations on the item.

Augmentation Material Cost
Gear Trinket Fishing rod
Quality 1st 2nd 3rd Total Quality 1st 2nd 3rd Total Quality 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Common 15 30 60 105 Common 5 10 20 35 Common 5 10 20 35
Magic 30 60 120 210 Magic 5 10 20 35 Magic 10 20 40 70
Rare 45 90 180 315 Rare 5 10 20 35 Rare 15 30 60 105
Epic 60 120 240 420 Epic 5 10 20 35 Epic 20 40 60 140
Legendary 75 150 300 525 Legendary 5 10 20 35 Legendary / / / /


Rerolls an item's implicit and explicit stats. Augmentations are not affected.

Requires 1 Unstable Idol.
Randomize all stats on an item excluding those gained from augment and item effect stats.

Increase Level[edit]

Adds [1 - 2] to an item's required level. Items with higher levels yield better stats when rerolled.

Requires 1 Ascendant Idol.
Increases the level requirement of an item by 1 or 2


Reforms the item into a random new item that retains the source item's quality and stat types.

Requires 1 Dragon-Glass Idol.
Changes the slot (weapon, belt, boots, ...) of an equipment, removes all augmented stats and rerolls stats that can't be preserved in the new slot.

Reforge Weapon[edit]

Rerolls a weapon's damage range.

Requires 1 Bone Idol.
Randomize the damage of a weapon.


Wipe all augments from an item.

Requires 1 Smoldering Idol.
Removes all augmented stats from the equipment.


  • Prior to v0.1.10, augmentation could fail and a failure removes all augmented stats from the item. Scouring was available with a low material cost.
  • Prior to v0.3.0, reslot did not remove any augmented stats.