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Trinkets are a type of equipment that can be obtained by killing monsters. Unlike all other equipment, trinkets can be augmented with and salvaged to produce essences.


Trinkets never provide armor (Except the Forged Ember), can have Attack Speed or Cast Speed stats and do not have their own set of prefixes or suffixes for rare or higher quality items.

List of Trinket-Type Items[edit]

Name Image Implicite stat
Forged Ember Forged Ember.png Armor [25 - 70]
Smokey Orb Smokey Orb.png Dodge Attack Chance % [1 - 3]
Quartz Fragment Quartz Fragment.png Arcane Damage % [3 - 12]
Mystic Card Mystic Card.png Quality [3 - 12]
Dragon Fang Dragon Fang.png Attack Speed % [1 - 5]

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