Version 0.13.0

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Version 0.13.0[edit]

Released on October 21st, 2023. The original release notes are accessible on GitLab.


  • Added new cosmetic items to Vikar's shop:
    • Chat Message Style: White
    • Chat Message Tag Flair: []
    • Chat Message Tag Flair: {}
    • Tag flair will not display if a character does not have any tags
    • The only available tag at the moment is the Patron tag, which is automatically assigned to patrons and can not be achieved in any other way
  • Added new cosmetic items to the Pumpkin Sailor's shop:
    • Title: the Hallowed
    • Title: Pumpkin-Smasher
    • Chat Message Tag: Pumpkin
    • This is the only year that these will be available from the Sailor's Shop.
    • A few weeks after Soul's Moor ends, these will be added to Vikar's Shop and will be purchasable for Seafarer's Marks


  • Players can now add other players as friends. Adding someone as a friend (once the request is accepted) will cause all that account's players to appear in your online list when that player is active. Players can also assign nicknames to friends (only visible to themselves in the online list)
  • Players can now apply chat flair to their messages. This comes in the form of tags, titles, tag flair and emoji tags. Tag flair and tags will not show when an emoji tag is active. Chat flair (excluding titles) will also appear in the Online List UI


  • Rebuilt the Online List UI. The new UI has collapsible sections and also includes the friends feature
  • Cleaned up the Cosmetics Shop and Cosmetics Stash UIs by grouping similar items together into collapsible sections and by displaying items names instead of images in the shop list


  • Fixed an issue causing taunted mobs to be invisible when they initially come into view
  • Fixed an issue related to Rune of Taunt not applying its duration properly