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Version 0.8.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.



Runecrafting is a profession in Isleward to produce Runes.

Players can craft runes using Muddy Runestones and other ingredients. Rune recipes must be unlocked before they can be crafted. The recipe for the Rune of Whirlwind can be dropped from Stinktooth, and the recipe for the Rune of Ambush can be dropped from Bera the Blade. To perform runecrafting, players can interact with an Etching Station.

Etching Station[edit]

The Etching Station is a Crafting Station used for Runecrafting. It is located in Asvald's house in Fjolgard.


Name Ingredients
Rune of Whirlwind 1 Muddy Runestone 1 Eagle Feather
Rune of Ambush 1 Muddy Runestone 1 Rat Claw