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Level: 20
Health: 96000
Attack: Poison Ranged/Rune
Mana: /
Armor: /
Drops: 3 items of magic or better quality
Location: Estuary

M'ogresh is the boss monster for the Estuary in Fjolarok. It is usually found deep within the Estuary, and may take some time to find. He is significantly stronger than other monsters in the Estuary, and can use runes normally used by players (M'ogresh is significantly easier when it has the Circle of Healing skill rather than another skill).

It is recommended to fight M'ogresh in a group to decrease the difficulty and enable more players to obtain loot.

Due its increased difficulty, M'ogresh always drops 3 items of magic or better quality. Thus quality doesn't affect him. Killing M'ogresh grants 120 reputation with Gaekatla.

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@Nyaro#1841 art from Discord

The main strategy is to stun M'ogresh with charge or smite and deal the maximum damage you can with Flurry or other runes before dying.

Don't try to stun him permanently, a monster can't be chain stun.


  • M'ogresh respawn every 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Try to be out of his attack range before respawn.