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Once a beautiful utopia, the Estuary has long since been abandoned of all peaceful inhabitants. The creatures that dwell there have become twisted and hateful. Bent on some unnatural goal.

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The Estuary is a dungeon located in the eastern corner of Fjolarok, past a hill inhabited by Eagles.

Version 0.3.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

The Estuary contains monsters from level 15 to level 20. However, they all have an abundant amount of HP and automatically attack players on sight. Thus, it is advisable to form a party with other players before entering the dungeon. Auras may also be helpful while exploring/farming the Estuary.

The Estuary is a great place to farm gear with other high level players, but not a good place to level up due to the lack of Quests and the danger of the monsters to any non level 20 players.

The boss of the dungeon is M'ogresh at level 20, commonly called Mog by players. They can be found at the deep end of the dungeon, incased in a special room. Mog will attack players on sight, so do not enter his range(9 blocks) until you are ready to fight.

Beware: the Estuary's map is randomly regenerated every server reset.
The Estuary has two exits, the entrance where you enter originally from, and one just north of M'ogresh, which can be accessed easily after defeating him.
Many false paths can be taken on the way to Mog, so either take someone with a map, or have fun exploring.

Behind the scenes, the Estuary is a bunch of pieces of a dungeon that are randomly joined together in a way that makes sense and is possible to beat. Thus if you regularly visit the Estuary you may find familiar scenery.


  • Estuary monsters deal poison damage. Taking equipment with All/Poison resistance will help to tank their attacks.
  • Killing monsters inside Estuary raises a players reputation with Gaekatla.
  • All Estuary monsters have a better quality chance on loot (- 500 common item).
  • All Estuary monsters respawn after 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • All Estuary monsters can spawn as an Elite monsters, a powerful version of normal monsters able to use Runes!
  • Watch here for strategy on defeating M'ogresh.
  • To know when the Estuary will reset, look under the Event tab. There are 4 different events. As a rule of thumb, it is not advised to go to M'ogresh when the Estuary is shimmering.
    • The animals are restless. - Estuary wont reset soon.
    • You sense a gathering of power. - Estuary resetting soon, but not for a while.
    • The Estuary shimmers and you hear a faint buzzing in the distance. - Estuary resetting in 5 minutes
    • You feel yourself being pulled, out of the Estuary. - Estuary resetting in 1 minute.

List of monsters[edit]


  • Prior to v0.2.1, each player entering Estuary would place them in their own dungeon map, unless they are in a party.
  • Prior to v0.1.10, monsters' stats in Estuary dynamically scales on the player's level.