Version 0.3.3

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Version 0.3.3[edit]

Released on October 12th, 2019.


  • Viridian Serpent Life Drain can now be mitigated through Poison Resist (#1101)
  • Item Quantity can no longer cause multiple idols to drop from mobs (#1047)
  • Proximity Aggro mobs now keep following their original target when moving past a new (closer) target (#964)


  • Equipped items can now be augmented (#85)


  • Sprint Chance sometimes displays too many decimals (#1190)
  • Certain stats in the equipment panel sometimes overflows (#1181)
  • Being slowed clears the movement queue (#1030)
  • The 'auto attack active' indicator vanishes after the first attack (#51)
  • Mobs that become attackable after a delay never become tab targetable if they've already been seen (#1248)


  • Switched to a new RethinkDB connector that supports pooling (#1236)
  • Switched the server to automatic garbage collection for better performance (#1233)
  • Upgraded PixiJS to the latest version (#1231)
  • PixiJS, SocketIO, RequireJS, Howler and JQuery are now loaded from a CDN (#1231)