Shady Dealer

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Shady Dealer
Shady Dealer
Level: /
Health: /
Mana: /
Location: Fjolgard Sewers
Faction: Fjolgard

Shady Dealer[edit]

The Shady Dealer is an NPC located in the Fjolgard Sewers. He trades Cards in for their set rewards.


Item Image Cards Set Set Size
Level 10 Rune Runes Runecrafter's Toil 3
Level 15 Rune Runes Runecrafter's Toil 10
Level 20 Rune Runes Runecrafter's Toil 30
5 random Idols Idols Tradesman's Pride 10
Perfect Level 10 Ring Rings The Other Heirloom 3
Level 15 Legendary Weapon Weapons Godly Promise 6
Steelclaw's Bite Steelclaw's Bite Fangs of Fury 20
Princess Morgawsa's Trident Princess Morgawsa's Trident Benthic Incantation 12