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Version 0.3.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Weapons are a type of equipment that can be obtained by killing monsters. Weapons can be augmented with and salvaged to produce iron bars.


Weapons can have prefixes of Biting, Booming, Carve, Cleave, Devouring, Forge, Piercing, Reaper, and Steady and suffixes of Bite, Crusher, Executor, Implement, Reaper, Render, Siphon, Slasher, Smite, Splitter, Talon, Union, Weapon, Wrecker, Decimator, Reach, Bane, and Obliterator in addition to the generic list of prefixes and suffixes for rare or higher quality items.

List of Weapons[edit]

Name Image Handedness Damage scale
Damage Range
(at level 20)
Implicit stat / Notes
Sword Sword.png 1H Strength 1.47 - 9.65 Attack Speed [1 - 5]
Axe Axe.png 2H Strength 2.64 - 17.37 Attack Crit Multiplier [10 - 30]
Wand Wand.png 1H Intellect 1.17 - 7.72 Cast Speed [1 - 5]
Deal holy damage
Gnarled Staff Gnarled Staff.png 2H Intellect 1.65 - 10.81 Mana Regeneration [3 - 9]
Deal arcane damage
Dagger Dagger.png 1H Dexterity 0.88 - 5.79 Attack Crit Chance [10 - 50]
Spear Spear.png 2H Dexterity 1.76 - 11.58 Dodge Attack Chance [1 - 7]
Sickle Sickle.png 1H Strength + Intellect 1 - 7 Life on Hit [1 - 30]
Golden Sickle GoldenSickle.png 1H Strength + Intellect 1 - 7 Life on Hit [1 - 30]
Jade Sickle JadeSickle.png 1H Strength + Intellect 1 - 7 Life on Hit [1 - 30]
Bone Sickle BoneSickle.png 1H Strength + Intellect 1 - 7 Life on Hit [1 - 30]

Unique Weapons[edit]

Some unique weapons can only be obtained by trading in the associated card set to the Shady Dealer in Fjolgard Sewers. Others can drop from certain monsters. And some must be traded to NPCs Most unique weapons have a Special Stat that cannot be changed when using an Unstable Idol. Unique weapons have a special appearance compared to other weapons.

Name Image Obtaining
Princess Morgawsa's Trident Trident.png Trading 12x Benthic Incantation to Shady Dealer
Steelclaw's Bite Steelclaws Bite.png Trading 20x Fangs of Fury to Shady Dealer
Corrupted Blossom CorruptedBlossom.png Small chance to drop from an Albino Serpent
Putrid Shank PutridShank.png Small chance to drop from Stinktooth
Festive Spear MerrywinterFestiveSpear.png Trading Cheer and Spear to Shady Dealer
Radiant Sword SummerFestivalRadiantSword.png Trading 10x Solar Tear to Lara
The Sunsickle SummerFestivalTheSunsickle.png Trading 10x Solar Tear to Lara
Crescent Dagger SummerFestivalCrescentDagger.png Small chance to drop from Zunni and Sahira's chest reward
Twilight Sword SummerFestivalTwilightSword.png Small chance to drop from Zunni and Sahira's chest reward