Lord Squash

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Lord Squash

Lord Squash
Lord Squash.png

Lord Squash is a pumpkin-shaped boss that spawns every hour at XX:10 and does not disappear until defeated. He is part of the Soul's Moor event, and spawns at the boss room within the Squash Patch. The boss has around 115 million health making it very hard to deal significant damage with attacks, but most of the damage comes from the chunk mechanic.

During the fight, Lord Squash will spawn yellow chunks every 12-16ish ticks, which can be collected by walking over them. Collecting a chunk deals damage to the boss (around 800,000) but also applies a damage-over-time effect of 4 damage to the player for 30 ticks (10.5 seconds). This debuff can stack.

Lord Squash also shoots projectiles (which look like ice spears but have no freezing effect) to all players in the fight which deals 10% max HP damage.

Version 0.11.0: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Item Type Quality Level Chance
Candy Corn.png Candy Corn Crafting material Common Guaranteed 30–59
Gourdhowl.png Gourdhowl Axe Epic 20
The Shadeblade.png The Shadeblade Dagger Epic 20
Soul Lantern.png Soul Lantern Toy Epic
Pumpkin Cat.png Pumpkin Cat Construction Material Rare -

Defeating Lord Squash also grants 2000 reputation with the The Pumpkin Sailor. It takes 5 boss kills to reach Honored reputation and 12 to reach Revered.