Albino Serpent

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Version 0.13.0: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Albino Serpent

Albino Serpent
Albino Serpent.png
Variant of

The Albino Serpent is an elite monster found in the Temple. They are hostile to all players. Albino Serpents can be an elite version of Viridian Serpents, Violet Serpents, and Scarlet Serpents. The Albino Serpent has the runes of the mob that it replaced.

Players may be found farming Albino Serpents for a chance at getting a Corrupted Blossom, a Wand which is only dropped by the albino serpent.


The Albino Serpent has around 144000 health and can have both ranged and melee attacks depending on the serpent it replaced.


This Drop can occur in addition to normal loot.

Item Type Quality Level Chance
Corrupted Blossom.png Corrupted Blossom Wand Legendary Unknown
Serpentine Sinnew.png Serpentine Sinnew Crafting material Rare Unknown
Broken Elderbow.png Broken Elderbow Crafting material Rare Unknown