Version 0.12.0

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Version 0.12.0[edit]

Released on May 6th, 2023. The original release notes are accessible on GitLab.


  • The Ancient Nyxaliss has reappeared in the Temple of Gaekatla after her mysterious disappearance. But beware, like the rest of her brood, she has been corrupted.
  • Added two new runes: Taunt and Barbed Chain
  • Added six new unique drops that can be obtained from the Nyxaliss encounter


  • Centered the +effect text under characters
  • Changed the color of effect text in item tooltips


  • Fixed mob attack animations
  • Fixed a bug causing new messages in disabled channels to still appear
  • Mobs that are stunned right when they try to return home will now properly return home
  • Party members in the same zone will now show up correctly in the party list
  • Fixed an issue with chat styles on mobile devices
  • Fixed a small visual inconsistency with the quickslot UI's border
  • Fixed an issue causing the camera to sometimes remain at the mounted speed when traveling through a portal while mounted