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Version 0.8.4: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Merrywinter sprites

Merrywinter is the winter seasonal event that takes place around December on Fjolarok.



During the event, gifts will randomly spawn around Fjolarok and can be gathered for Snowflakes. There are three sizes of gifts: Festive, Giant and Gilded. Snowflakes can also be earned by turning in quests in Fjolarok. Gathering a gift rewards 40 reputation with The Winter Man.

Festive Gift Giant Gift Gilded Gift
Festive Gift.png Giant Gift.png Gilded Gift.png
1 - 2 Snowflakes 3 - 7 Snowflakes 5 - 12 Snowflakes

The Winter Man

The Winter Man is an NPC and a matching faction who accepts 15 snowflakes in exchange for a random Merrywinter item: Sprig of Mistletoe, Bottomless Eggnog, Glacial Eggnog or Unique Snowflake. Turning in snowflakes also rewards 100 reputation. The Unique Snowflakes can be used to buy cosmetics or a special winter necklace.



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