Version 0.2.1

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Version 0.2.1[edit]

Released on September 4th, 2018.



  • Added a link between the two Lynx starting nodes (#720)
  • Smite now deals holy damage instead of physical damage (#732)
  • Reslotting an item now changes the item's implicit stats (#735)
  • It's no longer possible to relevel fishing rods (#748)
  • Removed downscaling (#760)
  • Reduced the maximum attribute requirement that can roll on items (#776)
  • Snails in the cave now deal much less damage with poison clouds (#777)
  • Revamped login rewards slightly (#779)
  • Vendors now regenerate their for sale lists over time (#789)


  • The movement queue is now restricted to a maximum of 50 steps (#721)
  • The global leaderboard now uses much less processing power on the server (#785)


  • It's possible to join a channel with no name (#333)
  • The portal at the end of the caves returns you to the wrong location (#616)
  • Sometimes, quests to loot specific slot items don't complete (#702)
  • Rezoning sometimes causes stats to drop (#703)
  • Crit Chance lowers DPT (#707)
  • Logging out while dead causes the client to freeze (#711)
  • You can drop items while dead (#712)
  • Passive points don't affect tooltip DPT of runes after logging in (#714)
  • The 'mine' button on the leaderboard doesn't work properly (#719)
  • The 'getItem' admin command can't be used to get a rune with spaces in the name (#726)
  • On death, the camera spawns (sic, should be "pans") to your respawn location (#729)
  • Levelling up causes auras to reserve no mana (#731)
  • The help screen provides incorrect information on how to initiate auto-attack (#737)
  • It's possible to use the 'getGold' command to cause an integer overflow (#751)
  • Sound effects continue playing if you exit to the character select screen (#752)
  • Gathering herbs and fishing rewards 0xp (#783)
  • Upon login, equipped items are sometimes removed due to attribute requirements (#786)