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Version 0.8.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


The chat is one of the main social features in Isleward.


To open the chat, simply press enter. When open, you can type messages into the chat. Pressing enter when the chat is open will send the currently typed message if there is one. The message will be color-coded depending on the sender:

  • (dev) : developer
  • (p) : Supporter on Patreon
  • (m) : Moderator

Chat Tabs[edit]

The chat has multiple tabs at the top to filter out messages. The default tabs are info, reputation, players, and loot, but at times more will appear, for example when using custom chat channels.

To prevent messages from any of these tabs, press enter to open the chat window, and then click the corresponding tabs to turn on or off messages from each source.

Currently, turning off players will also no longer show any messages from custom channels, even if the customs channels are turned on. Additionally, results from salvaging will show up in the Info tab.

Custom Channels[edit]

Custom Channels are channels that can be created by anyone to have a different feed of messages. Custom channels are joined (created if non-existent) with /join <channel name>, and can be left with /leave <channel name>. Once joined, a tab with the channel name will appear above the chat window, enabling control over whether the messages in the channel appear in the chat window, as with the other chat tabs. To say something in a custom channel, type $<channel name> <message>.

Linking Items[edit]

You can link items in the chat by opening your inventory, holding CTRL and clicking on the item, or by right-clicking on the item and clicking link. Linked items appear in the chat as {Item Name}, with the appropriate color for the item's quality. When a player hovers their cursor over the name of a linked item while their chat is open, the item's stats will be displayed.


Players can whisper to each other by typing @ and then choosing the name of the player they want to whisper to. Players can also whisper to someone by choosing their name from the dropdown menu in the bottom-left corner of chat if they have already sent or received a whisper to/from that character. Messages sent to a player by whispering will only be visible to that player and the sender, and will be highlighted in orange.

Party Chat[edit]

Players can switch to party chat by typing %. One can also switch to party chat by choosing it from the dropdown menu in the bottom-left corner of chat. Messages sent in the party chat will only be visible to people who are in the same party and will appear turquoise. Use as to not fill the chat when you are in a party, as well as for additional visibility and ease of access in comparison to whispering.


Players have access to commands which can be used by typing the respective command in the chatbox. Each command starts with / followed by the command name.

Command Action
/join [channel name] joins specific channel
/leave [channel name] leaves specific channel
/block [player name] blocks any messages from specific player
/unblock [player name] unblocks messages from specific player
/redeemKey [key] redeems an item, skin, or microtransaction
/exitHousing teleport out of the housing area
/plotAction edit text in Player Housing
/help brings up the list of commands