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Inventory Icon in the Menu

The Inventory is a menu that a player can open by pressing I or clicking the Inventory Icon in their menu. While in the inventory menu, the player can view the items and equipment that they gained in their travel. The inventory consists of 50 slots. Each slot holds one type of item. Equipment is not stackable, but Herbs, Crafting Material, Cards, and Seasonal Items do.

In the Options menu, the player is able to enable Quality Indicators and Unusable Indicators which will show the rarites of items in the inventory without having to hover over the item itself. This is useful for players when they want to quickly salvage their useless equipment while making sure that they don't salvage a Rare, Epic, or Legendary item without checking its stats first.


Right clicking on an item will give the player the options to do. If a player right clicks on a piece of Equipment, they get the option to Equip, Drop, Salvage, Link, or Destroy their item. If an item is a crafting material, the player is able to Drop, Split Stack, Link and Destroy. Toys and Consumables will allow the player to Use, Quickslot, Drop, and Link. Mounts are the same but Use is replaced with Mount. When clicking Equip, the player will put on the equipment as long as they have the level requirement and if there was an item in that slot, the item would be unequipped and will be sent back into the inventory. Dropping an item creates a lootbag that can be picked up by all players and they will receive the dropped item. Salvaging an item would give the player Essence, Leather Scrap, Iron Bar, or Cloth Scrap depending on the type of item salvaged. Some items cannot be salvaged at all. Quickslotting an item will allow the player to press the R key to use the item instead of going in their inventory to click use. Typically, this is used for easy access to mounts.