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Version 0.8.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Login Rewards[edit]

Players will receive Crafting materials for every day that they logged in. The quantity of rewards increases as the number of consecutive logins increases. To claim Login Rewards, the player must go to the Mailbox in Fjolgard.


You gain 1 + ( streak/2 ) random item per day where streak the number of day you log in.

Max streak is 21.

Item Chance ~Chance %
Iron Bar 15/61 24.6%
Cloth Scraps 15/61 24.6%
Leather Scraps 15/61 24.6%
Skyblossom 8/61 13.1%
Common Essence 5/61 8.2%
Magic Essence 2/61 3.3%
Rare Essence 1/61 1.6%


  • Prior to v0.1.11, the login reward was awarded per character. This was changed to per-account to prevent farming large amounts of crafting materials by switching characters.
  • Prior to v0.8.3, players used to receive their daily reward immediately after logging in. However, players now have to go to the mailbox in Fjolgard to receive their login rewards.