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Version 0.1.9: This article is up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Cards are loots dropped by monsters that can be made into sets. Each set consists of certain number of cards which may be stacked together. Once you have collected the a set of cards, you can turn your cards into certain Items by talking to Vikar. There are currently 7 kinds of card sets.

Card Sets[edit]

Card Name Card Image Item Item Image Drops From Set Size Notes
Runecrafter's Toil Missing.png Random Rune Rune.png 2.5% chance to drop from mobs level 3 to 100 3 Gives a randomly generated rune. Collecting this card is a good way to get runes that you don't have.
Godly Promise Missing.png Level 15 Legendary Weapon N/A 1.5% chance to drop from sewer mobs 6
The Other Heirloom Missing.png Perfect Level 10 ring N/A 2% chance to drop from a flamingo 3
Benthic Incantation Missing.png Princess Morgawsa's Trident Trident.png 1.5% chance to drop from estuary mobs 12 The Trident has a chance to trigger a freeze-on-hit effect on enemies
Fangs of Fury Missing.png Steelclaw's Bite Missing.png 20% chance to drop from Steelclaw 20 Steelclaw's Bite is a Curved Dagger type weapon with double slash as it's spell. It has double dex and double critical hit multiplier rolls, as well as an always critically hit effect and a chance to damage the user.
Cheer and Spear Missing.png Festive Spear FestiveSpear.png 100% chance from Merrywinter Rare Monsters 3 Festive weapon
Tradesman's Pride Missing.png 5 random Totems Unstable Totem.png  ? 10