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Version 0.1.10: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Runes are a type of item that grants abilities usable by players and some monsters.

Runes can be "learned" by right clicking and pressing learn in the inventory, or by pressing J and equipping the runes on the rune slots at the bottom. When runes are learned they appear in the top right corner of the game, and hovering over them shows the effects they will give when used. Up to four runes can be learned at any given time.

Runes use mana points when cast by players, and some runes also require a target to cast. Runes also have different qualities and level requirements.

Unlike other items, runes cannot be augmented, although they can still be salvaged for essences.

Obtaining Runes[edit]

  • Players start with a few runes learned depending on their chosen spirits.
  • Runes may also be dropped by monsters when killed.
  • You can trade a set of Runecrafter's Toil with Vikar for a random rune.
  • Vikar also sells level 1 runes for 30 gold.

Outdated and Unimplemented Runes[edit]

The following runes below have all been removed

As of Version 0.1.10 no one has any of the runes above any more.