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A Rune


Runes are a type of item that grants abilities usable by players and some monsters. Some runes are also "embedded" within weapons as the weapon's primary attack. Currently, there are 11 runes that grant skills and 5 runes that are embedded within weapons.

Runes can be "learned" by right clicking and pressing learn in the inventory. Runes can also be "learned" by pressing J and equipping the runes on the three rune slots at the bottom. When runes are learned they appear in the top right corner of the game, and hovering over them shows the effects they will give when used. Up to three runes can be learned at any given time.

Runes use mana points when cast by players, and some runes also require a target to cast.

Unlike other items, runes cannot be augmented, although they can still be salvaged for essences.

List of Runes[edit]

Name Attribute Class Mana Element Description
Skill Runes
Rune of Fireblast Intellect Wizard 7 Fire Unleashes a blast of fire that damages and pushed back nearby foes.
Rune of Ice Spear Intellect Wizard 5 Frost A jagged projectile of pure ice pierces your target and slows his movement.
Rune of Crystal Spikes Dexterity Intellect None 6 Physical Jagged crystals break ground at your target destination.
Rune of Summon Skeleton Strength Intellect Necromancer 5 Physical Summons a skeletal warrior to assist you in combat.
Rune of Blood Barrier Strength Intellect Necromancer 5 Physical Sacrifice some life force to grant an ally a protective barrier and increased attack speed.
Rune of Healing Circle Intellect Cleric 10 Holy Creates a circle of pure holy energy that heals allies for a brief period.
Rune of Charge Strength Warrior 5 Physical Charges at a foe, dealing damage and stunning them for a short period.
Rune of Smokebomb Dexterity Thief 6 Poison Envelops the caster in a cloud of poisonous smoke, dealing damage to enemies every tick until it dissipates.
Weapon Runes
Rune of Magic Missile Intellect Wizard 0 Arcane Launches an orb of unfocussed energy at your target.
Rune of Smite Intellect Cleric 0 Holy Calls down holy energy from the heavens upon your foe.
Rune of Slash Strength Warrior 0 Physical Performs a melee attack with your equipped weapon.
Rune of Double Slash Dexterity Thief 0 Physical Perform two quick melee attacks in quick succession.
Rune of Harvest Life Strength Intellect Necromancer 0 Physical Absorbs the life-force of your enemies.
Aura Runes
Rune of Innervation ? Any Class 25%  ? Grants an aura that regenerates hp for you and your allies.
Rune of Tranquility ? Any Class 25%  ? Grants an aura that regenerates mana for you and your allies.
Rune of Swiftness ? Any Class 40%  ? Grants an aura that grants increased movement speed to you and your allies.

Outdated and Unimplemented Runes[edit]

The following runes are not currently part of the game:

Some players may have runes that were removed from the game, although equipping any of these runes will not do anything.

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