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Version 0.3.1: This article is up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Idols are used in Crafting to alter item's stats, level, ability and slot. You can obtain idols by killing and looting Monster, or receive 5 random idols by exchanging a set of Tradesman's Pride with Vikar.

There are currently 5 kinds of idols in the game.

List of Idol
Name Image Description / Effect Rarity
Unstable Idol Unstable Totem.png Rerolls the item's stats.
Randomize all stats on an item excluding those gained from augment and Special stat item
Ascendant Idol Ascendant Totem.png Increase the item's level
Increases the level requirement of an item by 1 or 2
Bone Idol Brawler's Totem.png Rerolls the item's ability
Randomize the damage of a Weapon
Dragon-Glass Idol Gambler's Totem.png Rerollls the item's slot
Changes the slot (weapon, belt, boots, ...) of an equipment, removes all augmented stats
And rerolls stats that can't be preserved in the new slot
Smoldering Idol SmolderingIdol.png Remove augmented stats from an item
Removes all augmented stats from the equipment


  • The Smoldering Idol was added in v0.1.10.
  • Before v0.1.10, idols were called totems.