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Weapons are a type of equipment that can be obtained by killing monsters. Weapons can be augmented with and salvaged to produce iron bars.


Weapons, which are equipped in the two-handed slot, have a drop rate of 6% in Isleward and never provide armor. Weapons can have prefixes of Biting, Booming, Carve, Cleave, Devouring, Forge, Piercing, Reaper, and Steady and suffixes of Bite, Crusher, Executor, Implement, Reaper, Render, Siphon, Slasher, Smite, Splitter, Talon, Union, Weapon, Wrecker, Decimator, Reach, Bane, and Obliterator in addition to the generic list of prefixes and suffixes for rare or higher quality items. Each weapons enables the player to use a different primary skill. Any class can use any weapon. For example, a Warrior could use a gnarled staff or a Sickle. Likewise, a Wizard could use a sword, dagger or even a mace.

List of Weapons[edit]

Name Image Skill Primary Stat
Sword Sword.png Slash Strength
Gnarled Staff Gnarled Staff.png Magic Missile Intellect
Dagger Dagger.png Double Slash Dexterity
Axe Axe.png Slash Strength
Mace Mace.png Smite Intellect
Spear Spear.png Slash Strength
Sickle Scythe.png Harvest Life Strength + Intellect

Special Weapons[edit]

Some unique weapons can only be obtained by trading in the associated card set to Vikar. These weapons are unique in appearance to other weapons of the same type.

Name Image Card Set
Princess Morgawsa's Trident Trident.png Benthic Incantation
Steelclaw's Bite Steelclaws Bite.png Fangs of Fury
Festive Spear FestiveSpear.png Cheer and Spear