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Items come in different types and qualities and serve a variety of different functions. Most items are obtained by killing monsters, but some NPCs also sell items.


Main Page: Equipment

Equipment is the main category of items in Isleward. Equipment improves stats and thus enables players to fight more difficult monsters. Items can be equipped in the head, neck, chest, hands, finger, waist, legs, feet, trinket, weapon, tool, and rune slots.

Crafting Materials[edit]

Main Page: Category:Crafting Material

Crafting Materials are used to augment equipment and may be used for alchemy and cooking buffs in the future. Crafting Materials include herbs, fish, and augmentation materials. Unlike equipment, most crafting materials can be stacked in the inventory, using only one inventory space per type of crafting material.

Quest Items[edit]

Main Pages: Quest, Quest Item

Quest items drop from monsters during a gathering quest.