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Version 0.1.10: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Stats determine a character's attributes such as damage, health, mana. You can view your stats in the character sheet by pressing the J key. Your character's stats can be improved by wearing better equipment. Stats may also be temporarily affected by aura runes.


Main Article: Character Level
The level of your character determines the maximum health and equipments you can use. The maximum level is capped at 20. Starting at 50 HP, each level grants an additional 40 maximum HP. You can only use equipment whose level is equal to or lower than your character's level (except when the item has level reduction). You can level up by gaining experience points.
Experience Points (XP)
Main Article: Experience Point
Experience points are used to level up your character. You may gain experience by killing monsters, completing quests and by gathering. The experience required to level up is: XL * 5 + XL * 10 * (XL^2.2) where XL is your current level. You also receive reduced experience if the monster killed is not the same level as you. The multiplier is: (1-D/10)^2 where D is the difference of levels, and you gain no experience if the difference is 10 or higher.
Strength is used a lot by the Bear Spirit. It improves the damage of Axes, Swords, and Sickles. Every strength point increases your armor by 1.
Intellect is used a lot by the Owl Spirit. It improves the damage of Staffs and Wands. Every 6 intellect points increases your maximum mana by 1.
Dexterity is the primary stat of the Lynx Spirit. It improves the damage of Daggers and Spears. Every 12 dexterity points increases your dodge chance by 1%.
Vitality increases your max health by 10 per point.
Max Mana
Increase your character's maximum mana.
HP Regeneration
The rate of health restored per tick during combat. Outside combat, the HP regenerates at the rate of max(MaxHP / 112, HPRegen * 0.2) per tick, while it only regenerates by HPRegen * 0.2 per tick during combat.
MP Regeneration
The rate of mana restored per tick. The amount of MP regenerate per tick is MPRegen / 50.


Critical Hit Chance
The chance of dealing a critical hit. The base chance is 5%.
Critical Hit Multiplier
The multiplied damage when performing a critical hit. The base multiplier is 150%, and effects from equipment are added on top of this. For instance, an equipment with +80% critical hit damage will end up with 150% + 80% = 230% multiplier.
Arcane Damage / Fire Damage / Frost Damage / Holy Damage / Physical Damage / Poison Damage / Damage Increase
Increase the elemental damage by 1% per point.
Attack Speed / Cast Speed
The chance of attacking or casting spells without cooling down in succession. In-game, the value is displayed as 100% + chance, so 110% implies that there is a 10% chance of performing the attack without cooling down.


Armor reduces the damage taken. The percentage of damage mitigated is Armor / (100 * XL) where XL is the level of the damage source and the reduction is capped 50%. Therefore, against a level 10 monster you need 500 armor (500 / (100 * 10) = 50%) to achieve the maximum damage reduction.
Chance to Block Attacks / Spells
The chance to completely negate an attack or spell completely. This stat can be found on Shields.
Arcane Resistance / Fire Resistance / Frost Resistance / Holy Resistance / Physical Resistance / Poison Resistance / All Resistance
Resistance reduces the damage taken from a particular types of element (and All Resistance applies to all types of elements). Each point of resistance reduces the damage taken by 0.5% and is capped at 50%. Therefore, you need 100 points of resistance to achieve the maximum possible damage mitigation.

The damage reduction offered by armor and resistances stack with each other. If both mitigation sources are capped at 50%, you will only receive 25% of the full damage.


Item Quality
The chance of finding higher quality items. This stat was previously called Magic Find.
Item Quantity
The chance of finding more items.
Sprint Chance
The chance of moving two tiles in one tick. Only boots may generate with this stat, and you may also gain this stat by under an aura of swiftness.
XP Increase
Increase the experience points gained by killing monsters.

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