Version 0.1.8

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Version 0.1.8[edit]

Released December 9th, 2017.


  • Added a new quest type that requires you to fish (#326)
  • Added a new quest type that requires you to loot an item of a specific quality (#329)
  • Added three new legendary items. One of which was designed by one of our patrons.
  • Added a north island to Fjolarok Removed the Fjolgard map and moved some of its NPCs to the north island.
  • Added a rare version of Stinktooth.
  • New Seasonal Event: Merrywinter (#319)


  • The 'Harvest Life' ability now deals 23.9% damage on average due to a higher min and max damage as well as a 6 tick cooldown (down from 7) (#342)
  • Items with the same name now share cooldowns (#375)


  • Added the Wardrobe that allows players to change their skins (#321)
  • Cards can now drop from certain mobs. These can be traded for rewards.
  • Added two new item stats. Attack Speed and Cast Speed.


  • Hardcore deaths are now announced in chat (#61)
  • The equipment UI now gives an indication when you've looted new items for a slot (#58)
  • Weapon attacks now give the message 'Weapon is on cooldown' instead of 'Spell is on cooldown' (#77)
  • The leaderboard UI now highlights players that are online (#79)


  • The reputation UI doesn't update correctly after your reputation tier changes (#34)
  • Equipping an Item does not remove its 'new' status (#75)
  • When a player levels up in a party, other players still see his old level (#157)
  • When hovering over a mob, their HP is off by one (#289)
  • [Herbs no longer spawn on other objects (#301)
  • Mailing multiple items cause only the last one to be received (#316)
  • The tab toggles on the messages UI don't work properly (#317)
  • The online list sometimes shows duplicates (#318)
  • Characters are blurry on the character select UI in Safari (#323)
  • Runes don't lose their position in the inventory when equipped (#328)
  • It's possible to join a channel with no name (#333)
  • Stashing a Fish removes all other fish that are already stashed (#334)
  • Parties no longer enter the same dungeon (#336)
  • Certain characters can't logged in due to bugged custom channels (#343)
  • After mailing a stacked item, the quantity label isn't cleared (#344)
  • Typing /party crashes the server (#346)
  • The server crashes when an effect kills a player (#347)
  • Thaumaturge Yala's shop dialogue options do not work (#349)
  • It's possible to send unsanitized messages by modifying client code (#351)
  • More than one player can loot the same resource node if timed correctly (#354)
  • Targeting yourself sometimes displays the incorrect amount of mana (#364)
  • When opening another UI while the Main Menu is open, the overlay doesn't vanish (#366)