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Version 0.10.5: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Every character chooses one of three spirits when during character creation. Spirit choice determines the character's starting runes, weapons, and starting node in the Passive Skill Tree. Additionally, characters gain one point in their spirit's corresponding attribute each level.

The spirit a character chooses does not limit the equipment or runes it can use. All spirits can equip all items, as long as they have the required stats, levels, or reputation. However, it's easiest to start with using on-spirit weapons and runes because of the free 20 main attribute points and being close to the passive tree nodes relevant to those stats. Since passive tree nodes are limited, not all spirits have access to all passive tree nodes at the same time.

A character's spirit can't be changed after the character is created.


Spirit Attribute Base HP HP per Level HP at Level 20 Starting Runes Starting Weapon
Bear Strength 55 40 815 Slash, Charge Sword
Owl Intellect 35 32 643 Magic Missile, Ice Spear Gnarled Staff
Lynx Dexterity 45 36 729 Flurry, Smokebomb Dagger


  • Prior to v0.1.10, players could choose one of five classes to start as which determined their starting equipment and skins.