Merrywinter Supporter Pack

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Version 0.11.0: This article is up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Merrywinter Supporter Pack[edit]

This supporter pack includes 4 skins, 1 mount skin, and 1 pet skin. It can be purchased on


Glacial Knight Glacial Knight.png Merrywinter Cosmetic.png
Glacial Priest Glacial Priest.png Merrywinter Cosmetic.png
Glacial Wizard Glacial Wizard.png Merrywinter Cosmetic.png
Glacial Reaper Glacial Reaper.png Merrywinter Cosmetic.png
Glacial Steed Glacial Steed.png Merrywinter Cosmetic.png
Rime Rabbit Rime Rabbit.png Merrywinter Cosmetic.png



The Glacial Reaper skin and Glacial Steed mount skin are currently glitched and causes a health bar that is visually a lot wider than other health bars. This pack is the only Supporter pack to have no spell effects but it is also the only one to have a pet skin (the Rime Rabbit). It's theme is the Merrywinter event that takes place during winter.