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Version Unknown: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Level: 20
Health: 10000
Mana: 29
Location: Fjolgard
Faction: /


“peace be with you”

-- The Gaekalta Priest

Ingar, the Gaekatla Priest, is a NPC that sells special equipment affiliated with the Gaekatla faction. He can be found in Gaekatla's Sanctuary in Fjolgard.


Item Type Quality Level Reputation Cost
Gaekatlan Druid.png Skin: Gaekatlan Druid Mtx Rare Gaekatla: Exalted 1000 gold
Cowl of Obscurity.png Cowl of Obscurity Silk Cowl Legendary Gaekatla: Exalted 1000 gold

In addition to the listed items, Ingar sells random items with the Gaekatla faction effect. This effect has a chance on kill to summon a critter called a Squiggle to assist the player in battle. These items require Gaekatla: Honored to purchase or equip.