Crazed Seagull

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Version 0.11.0: This article is up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Crazed Seagull[edit]

Crazed Seagull
Crazed Seagull
Level: 2
Health: 48
Attack: Melee/Rune
Mana: /
Armor: /
Drops: Magic+ Equipment
Location: South Fjolarok

The Crazed Seagull is a level 2 rare monster that can be found on Fjolarok. It is the stronger version of a Seagull, and occasionally spawns in place of one. The Crazed Seagull can be identified from a regular Seagull by the square marking around it. The Crazed Seagull is able to use runes normally used by players, thus rendering some Crazed Seagulls more dangerous than others.


The Crazed Seagull was a level 1 monster and the first monster that new players would encounter prior to the addition of the tutorial in Version 0.11.0. It dropped the Family Heirloom pendant when it was killed by a character for the first time. It was also one of the weakest monsters in the game at that time.