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Version 0.8.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Combat is relatively simple in Isleward.

You can target a monster by left-clicking on it. You can also target or cycle through the nearest monsters using the tab key. Walk toward the monster to get within range of your weapon and press space to engage auto-attack for your main weapon. Attacking a monster will cause it to retaliate. Some monsters may also automatically attack you if the player gets too close (Bandits hideout mobs, Stinktooth, Estuary mobs, Temple mobs, etc.). Aggressive mobs will have a tag: Aggressive shown in the info panel when you hover your mouse over them.

The monster or your character dies when its HP is depleted to zero. You can view your current HP at the top left corner (red gauge). If you are killed in combat, you will respawn (unless you have the hardcore prophecy, in which case your death is permanent), and the monster's HP will be healed to full. Once a monster is killed, you will gain experience and it may drop loot for you to pick up by walking over it.


Different weapons have different stats, attributes and ways of dealing damage (Ranged weapons, melee weapons, weapons with life on hit, etc.). You can increase your damage by improving your own stats and attributes or improving the attributes of your weapon by augmenting, or by using a weapon with higher base damage. Note that critical hits also play a role in your damage.


Runes also provide additional abilities to assist you in combat, such as dealing damage or healing yourself and others. You can learn up to four runes at a time, and activate their abilities by pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4. Runes require mana to use, which can also be seen at the top left corner (blue gauge). Some runes also require time to cast and have a cooldown before the same rune can be used again.


You can decrease the damage taken by improving Armor or Resistances stats. You can also heal yourself with Minor Healing Potions, Carps on sticks, Life on Hit, Rune of Consecrate, Rune of Healing Touch, Rune of Innervation, Rune of Harvest Life, and Cowl of Obscurity. Note that health and mana also recharge over time and depending on your stats, they may recharge at different speeds. You can also dodge or block spells and attack. Spell and Attack dodge can be found on boots, the implicit on Spears and Smokey Orbs, and the Passive Skill Tree. Attack block can be found on Gilded Shields and Wooden Shields, with the Wooden Shields having higher chance but less Armor than Gilded Shields. Shields cannot have spell block, but both attack and spell block can be found in the Passive Skill Tree.


You can also form a party with other players to defeat more difficult monsters, and obtain shared loot and experience. Forming a party also allows you to see all the party member's health, mana, and names (located on the left side of the screen). Party members also share any activated Auras when within range of each other.