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Version 0.3.2: This article is up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Character Level[edit]

Your Character Level (XL) determines the maximum health and equipments you can use. You can only use equipment whose level is equal or lower to your character's level (after applying the item's level reduction). You can level up by gaining Experience Points. The maximum level is capped at 20.


  • The level cap at XL20 was introduced in v0.1.10. Prior to that, there were no limits to the maximum level you could get.
  • A downscaling mechanism was introduced in v0.1.10, which reduces higher-level character's stats in certain zones.
Zone Max Level
Fjolarok 10
Fjolgard Sewers 13
Crystal Caves 16
Estuary 18
  • The downscaling mechnaism was removed in v0.2.1.