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Version Unknown: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Items can come in 5 rarities which indicate how rare and strong each item is. Items with higher rarities/qualities are usually harder to get and more powerful.

Equipment with rare or higher qualities have special names generated from a list of prefixes and suffixes.

Equipment has one implicit stat and one non-augmented roll per item equality (so commons have 1 roll, magic items have 2 rolls, rares have 3 rolls, epics have 4, and legendaries have 5) and every item can have 3 additional augmented rolls.

Drop Rates[edit]

When a mob is killed, each player that assisted with the kill (by dealing damage or healing someone who dealt damage) is given drops. Players can find equipment with Item Quality and Item Quantity stats which increase the chance of getting loot and the quality of the loot. Drops are thought to be based on the quality/quantity of the player who dealt the last hit, but this isn't confirmed.

Each mob has a predefined number of rolls and chances. For normal mobs, the number of rolls is usually 1, but harder enemies usually have more rolls (2 to 5). Each roll can become one item drop, but each mob also has a set chance for a roll to become a drop. For normal monsters, this is around 35-40% for an item from a roll, but bosses usually have a 100% chance for a roll to become a drop, guaranteeing more loot.

Item Quantity is a percent chance to add an additional roll. Every 100 quantity adds another roll to the loot, and every point of quantity after that becomes a percent chance for another roll. For example, 134 quantity guarantees one extra item roll on every kill and a 34% chance for another additional roll. Item Quantity has a hard cap at 200% where no extra rolls can be granted.

For every roll that becomes an actual dropped item, there is more math to determine the rarity of the item. The drop can also become a card or idol, but only the first drop from an enemy can become a "currency" item. The quality of the drop is picked from a pool of rarities. In this pool there are 2000 common drops, 350 magic drops, 80 rare drops, 17 epic drops, and 1 legendary drop. A random drop is picked from the pool after player and enemy modifiers are applied.

Each point of Item Quality reduces the number of commons in the pool by 7. This means that anything after 286 quality is useless, because 286 quality removes 286 x 7 = 2002 common drops from the pool and only 2000 common drops start out in the pool. With 286 quality you will never find commons. By removing commons, there's a higher chance to get magics, rares, epics, and legendaries, but Item Quality doesn't directly increase the chances of dropping these items.

Some monsters like the ones in the Estuary and the Temple as well as bosses such as Radulos and M'ogresh also have their own magic find stats. Enemy magic find is defined as how many of each type of item is removed from the pool. M'ogresh is set at having 2000 less commons in the pool and 125 less magic items, which increases the chances of getting rares, epics, and legendaries while also making it impossible to get commons and less likely to get magics. Since M'ogresh already cannot drop commons due to his -2000 common item magic find, Item Quality isn't needed when killing him for loot since Item Quality only reduces commons and M'ogresh already cannot drop commons.

The chances to drop quest items, idols and card are calculated differently.

Quality Color Drop Rate Drop Image
Common White 2000/2448 Common Drop.png
Magic Green 350/2448 Magic Drop.png
Rare Blue 80/2448 Rare Drop.png
Epic Purple 17/2448 Epic Drop.png
Legendary Orange 1/2448 Legendary Drop.png


Gif showing items with various quality on the ground (old color scheme).


  • Prior to v0.1.11, magic items were blue and known as uncommons and rare items were yellow.